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The Problem

The EPA considers Indoor Air Pollution to be the #1 environmental health problem.

Tightley sealed buildings and homes may be more energy efficient, but can trap pollutants and microbes indoors causing allergies, odors, mold and illness.


Your Answer

The Guardian Indoor Air Cleaner


Giving You A Proven Reduction In:

Samples of university and independent lab tests with major corporation studies.

99.99% surface bacteria/virus reduction

• Over 80% VOC reduction

78% of microbes in human sneeze killed at 3 feet

• 97% airborne bacterial reduction

99% reductions of Ecoli, Listeria, Strep and Bird Flu

• 85% odor reduction

• 97% airborne mold reduction

Did You Know?
The Guardian Air Has been Approved and used In Government and Medical Facilit ies

• US Military approved for mold protection in field

• Hospital approvals Infectious Diseases - U.S. and International
99% reduction of Staph (MRSA)

• 99% food surface microbial reduction

• Major US city school reports 20% reduction in absenteeism

• Tested and approved by the Chinese Government for
protection against the SARS virus

• Approved by the USDA, FSIS and FDA for use in food
processing plants

• Fox News three-part indoor air series featured RGF and
concluded substantial mold and bacteria reductions

• RGF's technology has been featured on Fox, ABC, CBS
and in Popular Science Magazine

How Does it Work?


The Guardian Air Cleaner is installed in your homes H.V.A.C duct where Advanced Oxidation Plasma will be carried throughout the ducts and rooms for a continuous purification process and a quick kill of newly introduced odors or microbials at he source.


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